Learning Design Toolkit

Selecting, adapting and designing learning resources

Knowledge develops as a result of manipulating, viewing, listening to, reading and interrogating a range of relevant resources. Some of these might include:
  • digital stories
  • video recordings of procedures
  • PPT presentations
  • industry websites
  • scenarios
  • text books
  • models
  • professional journals
  • industry equipment
  • industry newsletters
  • diagrams
  • manufacturer/ industry info
  • interactive resource CDs
  • still images - scans, photos, from web
  • focus/trigger questions

You time is precious so it's important not to reinvent the wheel. A wide range of resources are available within DET/TAFE, industry networks and further afield.
However pre-existing resources have their limitations. Consider the following criteria when evaluating the suitability of resources for use in your course. What else would you add?